A LAW that would require developers to include trees in their plans is being jointly sponsored by Ludlow MP Philip Dunne.

The Government has signalled its intention to include tree-lined streets in its upcoming suite of planning reforms following the presentation of a private Bill by Chris Clarkson MP, and co-sponsored by Mr Dunne.

It will require builders of homes to provide tree lined streets, and passed its first reading last month.

While such Bills do not usually progress further, the government has said it will now incorporate the principles of the Bill in future planning regulations.

This follows news the Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by Mr Dunne, has launched a new inquiry, Biodiversity and Ecosystems, that will consider how best to protect and enhance biodiversity while considering nature-based solutions to climate change.

“I am delighted the government has seen the value of the proposals in this Bill, and will now use its planning reforms to ensure tree lined streets in major developments,” Mr Dunne said.

“Space for nature is important for our health and wellbeing, and having tree lined streets is a great way to further connect people with nature, as well as building more beautiful and green developments.

“I look forward to progressing the committee inquiry into the current state of the UK’s biodiversity, to find out more about how we can prevent any further loss, and support the opportunities for nature-based solutions for climate change.”

Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Homes, Communities and Local Government said that the Bill being supported by Mr Dunne has: “ inspired the Government to propose that all new streets in major developments are lined with trees.”

“We want to build more homes, faster, to help the next generation onto the ladder, but also to create places people want to live in and of which we can be proud.