HAS Tenbury been visited by aliens?

A woman from Tenbury could not believe her eyes when she looked out of the window of her home on Sunday evening.

It was just getting dark when Kathleen Barney, who is 81, looked outside to see strange lights in the sky.

Mrs Barney, who lives at St Michael’s, says that she has never seen anything like it before in her life.

She saw the lights as she was looking towards the south and watched them for two hours.

“There was a circle of lights in the shape of a clock with four brighter lights in a similar position to which the three, six, nine and 12 would be on the face of a clock,” said Mrs Barney.

“The other lights were not so bright and on occasions the object dimmed as if it might have been passing behind some haze or light cloud.”

She said that the object was steady but not completely stationary.

“I could not be clear if the object was moving or if it was the affect of the turning of the earth that made it appear to move,” she added.

“It was fairly high in the sky about halfway between the horizon and overhead. The lights were as bright as reasonably bright stars. What was intriguing was that it was a perfect circle.”

Mrs Barney said that it was a generally clear night with good visibility and that there were some other stars in the sky.

“I did not feel scarred but it but just intrigued because it was like nothing I have ever seen before in my life,” Mrs Barney added.

As for what the object was Mrs Barney, who has lived in St Michael’s for 26 years, says that she has no idea.

“I do not know if it was a UFO or something else,” she added.

“It had crossed my mind that it might have been a space station, but I am told that if that was the case it would have moved much more quickly.

“I tried to take a photograph of it on my tablet but there was not enough light.”

Mrs Barney said that she had spoken to neighbours and was not aware that anyone else had seen the object, but she would like to hear if anyone else saw it.

“Although I have no idea what it was there is no question that it was there and I had not been drinking,” added Mrs Barney who said that she does not have a view about visitors from outer space.

Many UFO sightings are believed to be a result of a trick of the light caused by unusual atmospheric conditions. They can be caused by light shining on clouds and it is not unusual for planes, helicopters, or balloons to be mistaken for visitors from outer space.

They can be a result of military activity such as the testing of missiles or the use of drones.

UFO’s can also sometimes be confused with planets and both Saturn and Jupiter are in the southern sky in the evening at this time, but they are low down, Jupiter is very bright, and neither would appear as a circle of lights.