JUST days after students had returned to schools in Shropshire the county has been facing an outbreak amongst children at Shrewsbury Academy.

Shropshire Council has issued advice to try and limit the risks including i parents across the county to plan ahead and help try and create a safer and less congested environment.

It is encouraging children who live within two miles of their school to consider walking, cycling or using a scooter.

However, it has been suggested that these options may carry more risk than the virus.

Those who do need to drive might consider parking a short distance away from the building and walking the rest of the way if possible, to reduce congestion and improve safety outside schools.

Schools in Ludlow and south Shropshire have been putting in measures to allow students to social distance and far as possible.

One student from Shrewsbury Academy is currently self isolating as are four members of staff that have been identified as contacts of the students.