A LUDLOW couple with serious health problems say that their lives are being made a misery by thoughtless people parking outside their town centre home.

Brian Miller and his partner say that the situation for themselves and their neighbours who live in St Julian’s Avenue is more than an inconvenience.

Mr Miller says that it is almost impossible for him to park outside his home during the day and at weekends.

“People park in the street because they do not want to pay for the car parking,” said Mr Miller.

“The situation has got worse since the charges were increased in November 2018.

“Why can we not have it designated for residents only.”

Mr Miller who is aged 64, is recovering from a stroke that he suffered in August last year.

“I am told that I should not be walking more than 200 yards,” he added.

“My partner is getting over cancer.

“If I go to the shops during the day I cannot park near my house when I return. It only starts to clear in the evening when people go home.”

Mr Miller said that he has challenged people who park but they are not sympathetic.

He believes that during the week most of the cars either belong to people who work in the town or use the nearby railway station.

But the problem is not any better at the weekend when it is tourists take the place of workers.

“We are trying to encourage more people to come to the town and I agree with that,” said Mr Miller.

But he says that a simple residents only parking restriction would make life much easier for people living in the area who like him do not have a drive where they can put their cars.

In an attempt to keep a space clear he put down a cone to try to deter people from parking outside his house but came back to find that the top had been broken off.