LUDLOW is starting to get the message about the importance of masks and people in pub are behaving well but with some notable exceptions.

Local people are following the rules well but some visitors are being less diligent and putting others at risk.

These are the observations of Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow, who has previously been critical of a failure to wear masks especially on Ludlow market.

“Masks or visors are now common in shops and in the market,” said Mr Gill.

“ It still is not 100per cent but doubt it will ever be so.

“A lot of people are wearing masks around town where there are crowds but this tends to be locals rather than visitors. Masks undoubtedly give re assurance and the evidence is clear that a mask will cut down the chance the wearer infecting others . Just how much it does protect the wearer from being infected is also open to debate particularly as the quality of masks varies considerably and what they are capable of trapping. However on balance I am very much in favour and wear one when up town.”

Mr Gill said that there are some cases of people in pubs not following the rules but generally the response has been good.

“Most pubs/restaurants are operating in a very commendable fashion,” Mr Gill added.

“However, a small number are not and are being reported by locals, the usual reason being lack of social distancing in pubs and drinking spilling on to the street.”

Research released by Storecheckers shows that the failure of retail staff to wear masks is hindering customers from returning to shops.

Storecheckers’ Mystery Shoppers were sent to 130 stores in 10 retail centres across England and Wales to review the uptake of mask wearing by both staff and customers.

It found that whilst 84 per cent of shoppers wear masks the figure for shop staff is just 34 per cent. But customer confidence was much higher where staff wear masks;