A MOTHER, grandmother and two children were injured on a water ride at West Midland Safari Park, according to an witness.

Georgia Hodgkiss was at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire, yesterday and said she saw a boat with people in it "turn upside down" at around 2.30pm.

Miss Hodgkiss heard a "big bang" and saw a rubber boat had turned over.

She said: "I couldn’t quite believe what was going on! I heard a loud noise like a screech almost and I turned and couldn’t really tell at first what was going on and then I saw these girls coming out from underneath absolutely drenched looking quite confused.

"It looked as though it was a mother, a grandmother and two children.

"The staff then realised what had happened and got everyone out of the queue and closed the ride.

"I saw who I presume to be the dad go running up the queue to the girls and ladies that were now stood at the start of the ride.

"No one helped them out they did it themselves, there was one girl who looked in quite a lot of pain. They were all crying and hugging eachother. I can't imagine how they must have been feeling. 

"It took about 10 minutes for the first aiders and anyone who looked official to come to the ride and then I was leaving the park at 3.15pm I passed the ambulance as they were coming in."

A West Midland Safari Park spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that emergency services have been called to the park as a precautionary measure following an incident involving our Wild River Rafting ride.

"Four visitors are receiving treatment for minor injuries and are being looked at closely.

"We will continue to co-operate with the emergency services to support them at this time."