BUS service timetables in Ludlow have been restored to what they were before the lockdown started in March.

After calls for the restoration led by Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow south and a town councillor, both the 701 and 722 services are back to normal.

The 701 links the Sandpits area with the town centre whilst the 722 is the service to and from the Eco Park.

Both buses are now back to a half hourly service throughout the day.

This is a response to the increasing number of people who are now coming into Ludlow town centre.

A regular and reliable bus service especially from the park and ride at the Eco park is considered as vital to getting more people to visit Ludlow and promoting the service is part of a marketing campaign planned to boost visitor numbers.

Because of the need for social distancing there are fewer seats available on the buses so more services are needed in order to maintain capacity. Passengers are required to wear masks or can be denied travel.