AN informal poll shows support of a planning application for Sainsbury’s to open a supermarket at Rocks Green next year although some are against the scheme.

The poll, which had a response from more than 800 people, was conducted by Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

It was informal and self-selecting with the respondents not necessarily made up of a cross-section of the people living in Ludlow.

The poll was busy, with 813 votes being cast.

It showed an interesting result with 480 votes in favour (59 per cent).

A sizeable group, but well short of a majority, thought a Sainsbury’s at Rocks Green would be bad for the town – 296 votes (36 per cent).

There were a small number of people who were not bothered whether Sainsbury’s comes to town or not – 37 votes (five per cent).

Mr Boddington says that the poll is a reflection of what people are telling him around the town.

“A majority of people are in favour of Sainsbury’s coming to Ludlow,” he said.

“But there remains strong opposition.

“Shropshire Council is currently accepting comments on the planning application.

“The council’s aim is to take the application to the southern planning committee on Tuesday, September 22.”

It is hoped that the supermarket that also includes a small petrol station will be open in the autumn of 2021.

The final decision on the supermarket came six years after the issue was first raised.

There has been a lot of concern throughout about its impact on Ludlow’s independent shops in the town centre.