TENBURY is getting a major investment in its town centre's sports pavilion.

The pavilion is used by the town’s tennis players and bowlers throughout much to the year.

It has been closed since February because of serious damage caused by the flooding that hit the town.

But users of the facility have the floods to thank for the improvements that are already underway.

The floor was badly damaged by flood water and this was so bad that it had to be replaced.

An investigation into the extent of the damage also led to the discovery that there had been damaged to the roof.

Closer examination revealed that the roof tiles in the pavilion contained asbestos and so needed to be replaced.

“It would have made no sense to repair the damaged floor and left a problem with water getting in through the roof,” said Eric Hudson, mayor of Tenbury.

“This will be an important improvement for people in the town.

The cost of the work will be covered partly by insurance, topped up by money from the town council and some grant funding.

It is a wooden building that serves as a changing room for people who play tennis and also for the various bowls teams that use the greens in the centre of the town.

The facility is owned by Tenbury Town Council who are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

In 2016 a neighbourhood plan for Tenbury and Burford that was prepared following consultation recognised the importance of sports and recreational facilities.

This included the pavilion and adjourning tennis courts and bowling greens.

The areas that were identified as important included Tenbury Swimming Pool, The Scout Hut ,Penlu Sport Club and field, Tenbury Community Centre, Burford Village Hall and adjacent playing field, Burford Play Area, St Michaels Village Hall including the car park, the Burgage including the play areas, bowling green, tennis courts, pavilion and Civic Garden, Palmers Meadow Sports field including adjacent woodland, changing rooms and car park, all school playing fields and play grounds.

There had already been some work to improve recreational facilities in the town centre including the building a skate park.

The Civic Gardens have been improved and work is underway to refurbish the swimming pool and leisure centre, but this work is being led by the Tenbury Community Pool Group as it is not a town council facility.

Issues that have been a problem in the past with sports and recreational facilities in the town include a number of acts of vandalism.

There is also an ongoing problem with people walking their dogs on the sports fields and allowing them to foul.

Recreational facilities and open space have been more important than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic.