TENBURY town council has taken steps to help to ensure the safety of children and families using play and recreation areas in the town.

The play area operated by the town council is now open although some equipment that was damaged in the floods has had to be removed.

But the stake park that was damaged in the floods in February remains closed.

This will eventually be reopened when the work can be done.

“It has been very difficult getting work done because of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Eric Hudson, mayor of Tenbury.

A foot operated hand sanitiser has been installed at the play area on the Burgage for children to use before they enter and again when they have finished.

“We want to do all that we can to keep children and families safe,” added Mr Hudson.

The dispenser is regularly topped up so that there is always a supply.

With the school holidays started and more people staying at home the number of children using the play area is increasing.

The town council has also instigated a programme for cleaning of benches on the Burgage and in areas like the Civic Gardens and around the bowling green and tennis courts.

It is known that the Covid-19 virus can remain on some surfaces for up to 72 hours. Experts say that it is more likely to remain on hard surfaces such as plastic and metals for longer.

The coronavirus is less likely to remain for an extended period outside and in warm weather but children are a risk of transmitting the virus because they are more likely to touch their faces and not to social distance.

It is thought that the risk of transmission from touching items such as play equipment will be greater when the autumn arrives and it becomes cooler and damper. Children are generally at less risk of becoming seriously ill if they contract the virus but it is believed that they can be carriers of the disease.