A CALL has been made for more to be done to help make it easy for people to cycle in Tenbury and the surrounding area.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin, whose constituency includes Tenbury, has urged local councils to plan for more bike use as more cyclists access the county road network.

The Government has allocated £2 billion across the country to improve access for cyclists and pedestrians and Mrs Baldwin called on local councillors to develop a green travel plan to support the higher number of cycle users during the coronavirus pandemic.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wrote to the Tenbury MP confirming a range of measures to help cyclists including £225 million to improve cycle lanes, a £25 million fund to help people to get bikes repaired and £2.5 million extra to provide more cycle parking at stations.

“I’ve seen a sharp increase in bike usage in our wonderful rural countryside and I’ve seen figures that show bike shops seeing more people buying bikes for exercise and as an alternative to the car,” she said.

“We are fortunate to have a really good smaller road network, often used by keen cyclists, and it would be great to see a healthy legacy come from this terrible virus as well as the possibility that someone gets inspired, like Edward Elgar was, cycling the roads of rural Worcestershire.

“For many years I have advocated better cycle lanes linking Worcester to Malvern and this is a great opportunity for the local authorities to develop a wider plan to help more people onto their bikes.

“The Government is investing significant amounts of money to meet this extra demand and I call on our councils to make a plan for our long-term benefit.”

During the coronavirus crisis there has been an increase in the number of people cycling.

This has been partly attributed to quieter roads making people feel less at risk and because cycling was one of the activities encouraged during the lockdown.