Bromfield Post Office and Village Shop will close permanently at the end of August.

As a business the Post Office has not covered its own costs for some time and the recent pressure of the Covid-19 crisis has moved the Farmshop that owns the Post Office to an untenable position.

They say that a number of options have been looked at but these did not deal with the under use and unprofitablility of the Post Office.

Other factors included the need to have two staff for safety reasons and the impact of Covid-19 on the farmshop site.

Staff working in the Post Office will be redeployed elsewhere and it is said that there will be no redundancies.

The Ludlow Farmshop was known as the Food Centre and promotes local artisan food makers who work on the site with customers able to watch them preparing the food.

It is known for its award winning cheeses and meats.