A LUDLOW councillor has re-launched her campaign to persuade Highways England Agency to help brighten up the approaches to the town with floral displays in roundabout on the by-pass.

Ludlow South Shropshire councillor and chair of Ludlow in Bloom Vivienne Parry said: “We have had a very tough time this spring and we need to get the town’s economy back on its feet.

“One really impressive way of attracting visitors to our town is to do what Leominster and other towns have done - plant really attractive floral displays on roundabouts on their by-pass. It really gives a positive image of the town and attracts people in from the A49. I’m sure it helps local residents feel good too.

“I’ve been approached by a number of people in Ludlow recently asking why we don’t do something similar.

“I have been trying for the last 18 years to interest the Highways Authority in doing this but on every occasion they have failed to respond.”

But she says that it is even more important than ever as Ludlow tries to attract visitors.

“I am now going to give it another try, hopefully with the help of Shropshire Council’s liaison officer to persuade Highways England to let us do the same as Leominster,” Mrs Parry added.

“Ludlow in Bloom would do the work and I’m certain a number of local businesses would help fund the plants. It would help all of us feel better at this gloomy time and help the town’s economy as well.”

Mrs Parry also has plans to brighten up the town centre for visitors.

She says that because there has been no in bloom competition this year she has some money that can be spent on the town.

Her plans include putting two potted trees in the Market Square with the possibility of two more in the smaller square in front of the castle.

But before doing this Mrs Parry wants people in the town to let her have their opinions about the idea. The trees would only need to be watered once a week.