THERE can be few activities more quintessentially English than a game of croquet on a summer day.

A game often associated with house parties and vicarage lawns in now available to anyone in Ludlow who wants to give it a try.

For sports enthusiasts of all ages, one game that can be enjoyed this summer with maximum safety is croquet, and it’s available now to Ludlow residents and visitors.

With limitations easing on exercise and sports, golfers, bowlers and tennis players have been able to enjoy playing again – but even these sports do not offer the same degree of safety as croquet.

“Quite apart from the fun which croquet offers in its different forms,” says John Aitken, chair of Ludlow Croquet, “it fits perfectly with the restrictions of social distancing still required by the lockdown. Provide you sanitise before and after each game, there is no need to touch the balls with your hands, or to use any other mallet than your own. It’s ideal!”

Having come through repeated flooding last autumn and winter, the three croquet lawns are now in excellent condition, and members can often be seen enjoying this loveliest of summer games in the perfect setting overlooked by Ludlow Castle.

Ludlow Croquet invites anyone who would like to give the game a try to come and play a round, absolutely free. They will be warmly welcomed, and provided with everything they need to experience this fascinating game….and it will give them a chance to put lockdown out of their minds for an hour or two. Anyone interested should contact Bob Purcell on 01584 874857 or by email on