LUDLOW Mayor Tim Gill and his wife Mary have both tested positive for Covid-19.

Mrs Gill, who is suffering from cancer, is in hospital in Hereford.

“A week last Monday Mary came home after a 12 day stay in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham over complications with the immunotherapy,” said Mr Gill.

“By Sunday I had to call out the paramedics. She was taken to Hereford where on Monday she was diagnosed as being positive for the virus. She is in a very weak state and this was the last thing we needed to happen to her. I have also, not surprisingly, now tested positive.

“We are convinced Mary came home with the virus, there is no other explanation.”

Mrs Gill who became ill at the end of 2018 has had to go into hospital on a number of occasions this year and because of the coronavirus Mr Gill has not be able to see much of his wife.

“I have only seen her 8 times in the last 10 weeks,” said Mr Gill, who is unable to visit his wife in Hereford.