A SUPER size rat has been seen in broad daylight in a Ludlow town centre car park prompting fears of an infestation brought about because of the coronavirus crisis.

The rat was seen one evening in Castle Street car park by Vivienne Parry as she was watering one of the plant pots.

“I was doing the watering when I heard a noise,” said Mrs Parry.

“When I looked there was a huge rat walking on the rubbish that had been left near the unemptied bins.

Mrs Parry says that bins in the car park including commercial bins appear not to be being emptied.

“There is rubbish piling up alongside these bins,” said Mrs Parry.

“It is not just ordinary rubbish but includes waste food that is rotting. The situation is being made even worse by the hot weather.

“I am seriously worried that it is fuelling an infestation of vermin and is fast becoming a serious public health hazard.

“In addition to this there are bags of dog mess being dumped on the ground because the bins are full up.”

Mrs Parry said she did not know why the bins are not being emptied but believes it is because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The problem could be being made worse because the closure until recently of waste disposal sites means that more people are fly-tipping.

Mrs Parry said that she has been trying to get the rubbish moved but cannot find anyone to take responsibility for it although she says that public health in the last resort is an issue for Shropshire Council to have to deal with.

“Because there are fewer people and cars about there will be those who think that they can get away with it,” added Mrs Parry.

Fly-tipping in and around Ludlow has been a problem in the past.

Mrs Parry wants action because she says the consequences potentially go beyond making the town centre untidy. She said that the smell of rotting rubbish is particularly unpleasant and unless something is done will get worse.