THE quarterly Repair Cafe events in Ludlow have temporarily been put on hold but the organiser Diane Lyle is keeping busy as one of the team at ‘Pulling Together Ludlow.’

Ms Lyle is a team leader with the group that is working to support people in the community and especially those who are being shielded and are especially vulnerable.

“I’m also a call handler – so for two days a week I team lead myself,” she said.

“The Team Leader role gives me, simultaneously, the opportunity to draw on my experience within various office administrative roles, to solve problems on the hoof, or to find out how they can be solved; and to be that outgoing ‘people person’ ... it’s a supportive role and, like the call handlers who are at the coal face, we never quite know what queries we might have to deal with on any day, so all of us are kept very much on our toes.”

Call the helpline number on 01584 817250.