A WOMAN from Ludlow is live streaming free meditation classes for children during the lockdown after turning her house into a television studio.

Sally Walker, a mindfulness and wellbeing practitioner, is offering her stories for schools across the area to help children who are experiencing levels of stress during the lockdown, writes Nicole Tomkins

With help of husband Carl Walker of Wild Edric Media, they have turned their conservatory into a studio for the daily broadcasts, and are using the dining room as a space for the mixing and live-streaming equipment.

She said: “I was approached by a local school to create relaxing stories for children at home and still going to school.

“I jumped at the chance as I thought it was a great way of me helping children and teachers through my mindfulness business.”

The five-minute videos invite viewers to imagine themselves in different plots with Sally talking them through different emotions and senses to experience throughout the live-stream.

She also encourages the children to reflect on positive aspects of their week and their personality to teach them how to be mindful.

After starting her online stories in April, Sally is now broadcasting to over 20 schools across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Wales and the West Midlands, with children and parents watching live at home as well.

New stories are broadcast live from 1pm every weekday on the StillMind YouTube channel, and recordings are also available to watch on demand.

For more information, visit Sally’s website at www.stillmind.me.uk.