A WOMAN from Ludlow has formed a group on Facebook to unite people living in the area in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and for them to help each other.

Victoria Harris has gained more than 1,000 members after creating the Pulling Together Ludlow group to help the most vulnerable people living in the community, writes Nicole Tomkins

From people donating surgical masks and aprons, to food deliveries being scheduled as well as a flat-screen TV being offered, people of all walks of life are pulling together to help the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus because of pre-existing health issues.

“I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could use something like Facebook and bring people together, share information and help each other out as well,” said Ms Harris, aged 34.

She also commended resident’s speedy response to the group:

“I know Ludlow got awarded the slow town award around 10 or so years ago, but there has literally been nothing slow about this effort at all,” Ms Harris added.

“We’ve just been able to storm through really and help people which has been fantastic.”

Members of the group like Laura McCord have also been posting leaflets through letterboxes of residents in Ludlow, letting people know about what the group is doing.

“I think that it’s amazing, in a short space of time they’ve shown a lot of care in the community and I think that the work they’re doing is incredible,” said Ms McCord, a 29-year-old estate agent.

“Just speaking to people over the last few weeks I’ve realised there are a lot of vulnerable people around, that’s why I wanted to get involved.”

For people unable to leave the house to physically help, volunteers can also register to take part in phone and Skype calls for people self-isolating who simply want a chat.

Working with the charity Hands Together Ludlow who provide aid for those most vulnerable in south Shropshire, Ms Harris has been able to get in contact with the food bank, saying their network has been invaluable.

“The issue with somewhere like Ludlow is that it’s got a very large retired community of people who regularly help out and do amazing things, but unfortunately a lot of those are in that age threshold now where it’s not really possible for them safely to go out and get shopping for people,” she added.

Ms Harris lives at home with partner Rob Davies, 28, who is regularly away in the army, and one-year-old daughter Ottilie.