THE police have had to be called on a number of occasions because of groups of children and young people gathering in Tenbury.

They have been gathering at places like the Burgage in the face of restrictions that mean that two or more people should not be coming together.

It is an example of the concerns that many have about young people not taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously enough and a consequence in part of the decision to close schools other than for vulnerable children or those whose parents or carers are providing essential services like working in the NHS.

In parts of the country police have also had to deal with groups of adults congregating in open spaces.

Whilst younger people are less likely than the elderly to be seriously ill as a result of Covid-19 they are not immune and there have been examples of children and young people in their teens and 20’s with no other apparent health issues dying after becoming infected.

They can also be a major source of transmission of the virus.