A BUSINESS in Ludlow that looks after vulnerable people in their homes has turned to a company in the town to make front line staff safety visors.

This is because of problems in getting the special protective equipment that is needed from the Government.

The visors have been made by DMS in Ludlow after they were contacted by Suzan Reeves, manager of Care of Excellence based on the Ludlow Eco Park.

In another example of Ludlow pulling together Ms Reeves has moved out of the family home for a period because her husband has poor health.

She has been given a room free of charge at a Ludlow pub to enable her to do this.

“The reason I approached DMS was to help me make a protected visor for my care team who provide hands on care within the community,” she said.

“As you are probably aware it has been difficult to get the relevant protection.

“At Care of Excellence we take both our care team and our service users health and wellbeing very seriously.

She said that the visors are just what is needed and will enable the workforce to feel safer when they carry out their duties.

“These are great, they will help minimise risk and help keep both the care team and service users safe,” Ms Reeves added.

“I also personally feel our care team will now be more confident in having to deal with the uncertainty of the Covid- 19. I am also happy now I feel more equipped to minimised the risk to all.

“It has been so lovely to see our community coming together as one to support each other.

“My Team feel more protected as you can appreciate everyone is scared of the unknown and terrified they may catch the virus.

“I can say I feel very privileged to live in the town of Ludlow right now.”

But she explained why it had been necessary to move out of the family home.

“I have moved out of my family home due to my husband’s poor health and being at risk,” added Ms Reeves.

“The Queens Head pub in Ludlow has given me a apartment to live in for free even in times of financial strain.

“I personally feel more confident in the ability to lead my team through these uncertain months ahead.”

There has been widespread concerns expressed about front line health and care workers having the equipment that they need.

Doctors and nurses have said that they do not have full protective clothing.

Health workers who are coming into regular contact with sick people who may have the virus are more exposed to the possibility of infection with the risk of passing it to other patients.

The testing of NHS and care staff has only just started. The advice is that people generally should not be tested just because they are showing symptoms, although the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Prime Minister and Health Secretary have all been tested.