PEOPLE in Ludlow must resist any temptation to take out any fears and frustrations they may have on people of Chinese or south east Asian extraction.

There have been reports of abuse and attacks on some Chinese people in other parts of the country.

Vivienne Parry, a member of Ludlow Town Council and the Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, said that she hopes no one in Ludlow takes it out on people from China.

“This would be completely unacceptable and I hope that no one would do it,” said Cllr Parry.

She said that she had visited China and had seen so called ‘wet markets’ where animals and birds, including wild animals are kept closely together in cruel and unhygienic conditions.

“I did not like it and got away as quickly as possible but different people live in different ways,” she said.

“Hopefully, this terrible virus will cause people to think again. It is about education.”

Experts believe that the Covid-19 virus came from a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It probably came from bats but was transmitted to humans from an intermediary, probably a pangolin.

The virus then mutated to pass between humans but because it is an all animal virus it is not recognized by the human immune system and this is what makes it so dangerous.

Cllr Parry said that about 20 years ago she went with councillor Tracey Huffer to a briefing about SARS – a similar virus that is more lethal but less contagious.

“We were told that there has been small outbreaks but it was only a matter of time before there was a big one and here it is.”

Cllr Parry said that she was in a vulnerable group as are many people in Ludlow as the town has an elderly population.

“All people can do is be sensible and follow the advice,” she said. “It has been sad to see so much panic buying in the shops leaving the elderly and vulnerable often unable to get what they need. This would not happen if people just brought what they needed.”