LOSING a loved one is a terrible experience at any time but it has been made much worse by restrictions to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The Rev Mark Inglis, vicar of Tenbury, has already conducted funerals under the new restrictions.

This means that the church building cannot be used and services have to be conducted outside.

Only small numbers are allowed including immediate family and people have to distance themselves from each other.

“There is only a basic service at gravesides and there is no music or chance for people to pay tributes.” said the Rev Inglis.

He said that this was very difficult at a time when friends and family would normally be coming close and giving each other support.

Small numbers of people are allowed to attend funeral services that take place in crematoriums.

All other church services have had to be cancelled until further notice including baptisms and funerals.

Social events are also all off until the restrictions are lifted.

This includes the Food and Friendship Group, the Cornerstone and regular coffee morning at St Mary’s. All churches are affected in the same way but clergy continue working.