Amazon has made some the programmes on its streaming TV service, Prime Video, free for everyone in a bid to help parents keep their kids entertained during the coronavirus lockdown.

There are programmes aimed both at pre-schoolers and 6-11 year olds in the promotion, dubbed 'Free For All', and they're all now available free to anyone with an Amazon account - not just members of the Prime delivery-and-streaming service.

The free-for-all collection mostly consists of Amazon's original children's programming, which might not contain many household names but has plenty to offer - my three-year-old can't get enough of The Stinky & Dirty Show, about a bin lorry and a digger who love solving problems by making things out of rubbish.

The star attraction, however, has to be the first seven series of Peppa Pig - that's 182 5-minute episodes, amounting to more than 15 hours of priceless distracted toddler.

And there's also 10 series of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, which comes from the same makers and shares a similar sense of adult-friendly wry humour.

To find out more, go to the Prime Video website.