All parkrun events across the UK have been cancelled with immediate effect.

Initial closures will be in place until the end of March, however, it is said this is largely to bring all parkrun countries into the same time frame and closures could continue through April.

Tim Williams, chief operating officer sent a message to all participants informing them of the cancellation.

In a statement to runners, he said: "Going forward we will update parkrunners regularly and aim to communicate important information as soon as is appropriate.

"We know that this message may be difficult one for you to receive, and many people will be wondering what to do without their regular weekly catch-up. Please rest assured that we are working hard to develop our strategy so that we are able to support the health and happiness of parkrunners around the world during this difficult time.

"Remaining active is incredibly important, and we are working on ways to encourage and support that, however please do not arrange group gatherings at your parkrun venues whilst parkrun events are suspended.

"Thanks for your continued support, and please know that the parkrun family is there for you."