MOVABLE bollards and chains are being suggested as a way of dealing with parking problems in Ludlow town centre.

A scheme has been suggested to deal with problems in Market Square.

Vehicles have been seen squeezing between stalls when there is no market on in order to avoid paying parking charges.

Town councillors Glen Ginger and Robin Pote want demountable bollards and chains around Events Square and Market Square.

Street traders have been prevented from trading on Events Square because of the parked vehicles and vehicles left overnight have sometimes got in the way of market traders setting up their stalls earlier in the morning.

The two Ludlow town councillors are proposing posts and chains on both Events Square and Market Square.

The next steps will be a meeting with Shropshire Council and a discussion with market traders.

A previous proposal from Shropshire Council was rejected.

Parking in Ludlow town centre has long been an issue of contention with some people saying that Shropshire Council has taken advantage of the situation to raise money by issuing parking tickets.

Traders in the town say that changes to the parking regime introduced at the end of 2018 has resulted in a drop in business for shops already facing a tough trading situation.

Vivienne Parry, a Ludlow town councillor and member of Shropshire Council for Ludlow South says that she recognises the problems caused by people parking on the market and there had been problems for traders setting up their stalls. But she has questions about who would be responsible if there are chains and bollards.

“Would it be the traders or would council staff be expected to remove the chains early in the morning?” said Mrs Parry.

“Where would the chains and the bollards be put when they are not keeping people from parking on the market?”