CHILDREN at Lydbury North were involved in remembering the horror of the holocaust.

The children cannot imagine what happened more than 70 years ago in which millions of people were murdered because they happened to be Jewish.

Groups behind the annual remembrance of what happened believe that it is important that children learn about it to try to make sure that a similar horror cannot happen in the future.

Students and children in schools throughout Ludlow and south Shropshire and in Tenbury and the Teme Valley have been remembering what happened in the 1940’s.

This is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of concentration camps like the one at Auschwitz in Poland.

Because of the work of the Holocaust Memorial Trust students are able to visit the camp and see for themselves the conditions in which people, including children, lived and died.

They are told how families were split up and on arrival people were segregated into those who were considered well enough to be put to work and those who were sent directly to die.