THE PEOPLE 4 Ludlow Group is calling on people in the town to take steps to cut down on the use of plastics.

They say that it is a case of back to the future in order to cut back on plastics.

This will involve a return to the use of glass bottles and perhaps the doorstep milk delivery.

Plastic milk cartons, sold in their thousands from supermarket shelves, are a massive overuse of plastic and a big problem for recycling.

They say that milk deliveries are available and that there are shops in the town that are using glass bottles.

The Ludlow against plastics group recently visited Tesco in the town to make a point and People 4 Ludlow is encouraging other residents to follow the example.

If you do shop in Supermarkets, try to buy the fruit and vegetables not wrapped in plastic.

If you simply must buy something wrapped in plastic, remove the plastic at the checkout.

No questions are asked, the sky does not fall in, but it sends the message that we don’t want this stuff. Better still shop up in the town where you have shops that are trying to go plastic free. This is slow but going in the right direction.’

People 4 Ludlow say that biodegradable alternatives to plastics are available long with packaging that is compostable.

The People 4 Ludlow Group is a non party political organisation that seeks to bring people from different backgrounds in the town together.

It campaigns on a range of issues with the idea of improving the quality of of life for people living in the town.

One of the issues that it regards as particularly important is helping to bring about a sustainable lifestyle through choices and shared actions that collectively make a difference.

The group is also concerned to tackle inequality in the town and make sure that there are greater opportunities for people that are less fortunate.

It has a programme of activities throughout the year in and around the town.