IMPROVING mental health support for the homeless, regenerating the district’s town centres and tackling litter and fly-tipping are amongst the key aims outlined in Malvern Hills District Council’s new Five Year Plan.

Malvern Hills District Council provides a range of services to Tenbury including refuge collection.

The town has two councillors on the Council representing its residents.

Specific projects for Tenbury and the Teme Valley have not been detailed.

Like local authorities up and down the country Malvern Hills has had its funding from central government cut.

The plan sets out where the council will focus its time, money and energy over the next 12 months and beyond with actions focused on three priority areas - communities, economy and environment.

Key projects featured in the plan include a new target for delivering affordable homes up to 2025.

The previous target of building 400 by 2021 has been met more than 12 months early with 472 built to date.

There is also a pledge to work with partners to reduce rough sleeping and to ensure mental health services are available to those in need of homelessness support.

Masterplans will be created for each of the district’s town centres to help make them fit for the future as the way people buy goods and services continues to change, more than 100 new jobs will be created through the future expansion of Malvern Hills Science Park and there will be a new visitor economy action plan for the district to further boost tourism.

Investing £2million to refurbish Malvern Splash, tackling climate change, reducing the amount of waste created by households across the district and tackling litter ‘grot spots’ and fly tipping are also in the plan.

Priory Park will also get a revamp with a pledge to make ‘comprehensive improvements’ by 2025.

There are also actions around tackling crime, broadband access and investing in infrastructure.

“I am very proud of this plan which addresses the things people told us were important to them in our residents’ survey and delivers something for communities across the district,” said Councillor Sarah Rouse, the leader of Malvern Hills District Council.

The full plan is available to view at