CANCER Research in Ludlow is looking for volunteers to help out in the shop in the town centre.

The cancer research shop is one of the large number of charity shops in the town centre that is in competition not just for donations and customers but also for people to work in the shop.

Charities like Cancer Research are heavily dependent upon funds that are raised in high street shops in towns like Ludlow.

It is estimated that one in three people will receive a cancer diagnosis at some stage in their life and almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or other through the experience of a relative or friend.

At one time a cancer diagnosis was often seen as a death sentence and whilst large numbers of people continue to die as a consequence of the disease, survival rates for many cancers have improved dramatically, and in some cases, it can be cured.

But this is only made possible because of extensive research much of it funded by charity.

If anyone can help, they should call the shop on (01584) 878293.