PEOPLE in Ludlow worried about the use of plastic packaging are being encouraged to come together to make their concerns known tomorrow morning.

The Ludlow plastics group will be forming up at 11.30am at the bottom of Corve Street where they intend to demonstrate peacefully.

It is a group that was formed to draw attention to how plastics are being used and in particular in the packaging of food.

They say that this is necessary and that alternatives made from compostable material are available and that a business in Ludlow is producing this kind of packaging material.

Lady Plymouth, whose family own the Ludlow Farm Shop has launched an initiative to bring these ideas and changes in attitude to retailers and food outlets in Ludlow and the surrounding South Shropshire Hills.

The group has already spoken to some of the smaller independent shops in Ludlow town centre but believe that to make a major difference to the problem then the major supermarket chains must take the issue seriously and take action.