NATIONAL funding could be made available to improve flood defences in Ludlow.

If the bid is successful then the money would come from DEFRA – the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Although the town escaped serious flooding following the heavy rain over the last weekend in October there remains a risk for the future.

One of the founders of a flood defence group in Ludlow believes that work undertaken in recent years saved parts of the town from a serious incident.

“Compared with neighbouring counties, we were very lucky,” said Rosemary Wood.

“Although the Corve rose quickly, I haven’t heard of any major flooding or damage in Lower Corve Street. Shropshire Wildlife Trust has done a lot of ‘Slow the Flow’ work in Corvedale, and I am sure this has helped.

“Over the past months, both national agencies and other local action groups have been working on clearing the rivers, so, considering the potential for flooding, this time all was relatively well.

“The car park and playing fields in the Linney were flooded, but I believe this is due as much to geology as rain and rivers.”

She said that more work is going ahead to further reduce flood risks in the future.

“We are working with the National Flood Forum and other flood action groups in the Corvedale catchment area on a Community Flood Risk Charter,” Mrs Wood added.

“There is also the possibility of a fairly large grant from DEFRA for further funding for flood improvements along Corvedale, and we are liaising with the National Flood Forum on this.”

The charter has a number of key clauses.

It requires that there must be a plan and investment providing the ability to learn and adapt.

Any mitigating flood defence work should give priority to the people that are at greatest risk, disadvantaged and vulnerable.