A VILLAGE hall near Tenbury is facing closure after more than 100 years.

There will be a special meeting will be held at Pensax Village Hall at 7.30pm next week (Thursday, January 16) to decide if the hall has to shut its doors for the last time.

People from Pensax, Menithwood and Stockton on Teme will be asked to vote on a resolution to close the hall.

The metal building has been serving the area since 1911 but is hardly ever used and with little or no income it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the cost of keeping it open.

Sue Burrows, the clerk to the trustees and the Parish Council, said that over the past 10 years the Parish Council had put more than £5,000 into the building.There has also been investment from the Thrift Club – a charitable group that used the hall regularly until last October.

“The problem is that the building is hardly ever used,” said Ms Burrows.

“A lack of bookings means a lack of funding

“It is in the middle of nowhere.

“Caterers will not use the kitchen and although there has been a public meeting in the past and a desire to keep it open people do not get involved.

“It may be possible to get some grant funding, but the problem is that to get funding it would be necessary to prove that the building is used.”

Pensax Parish Council hold some meetings in the village hall but there are other options, including a converted chapel at Menithwood.

The public meeting is open to anyone