CARS are travelling along a country road into Ludlow at motorway speeds.

That is the claim of residents and protesters who want a 40mph limit on a stretch of the road between Richards Castle and the Charlton Arms.

It is being claimed that the road is a serious accident waiting to happen.

The road brings traffic into Ludlow from the south, including cars, lorries and heavy vehicles.

There is no street lighting and the road is single carriageway.

According to Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow south, it is a miracle that there have been just two deaths on the stretch of road over the past 20 years.

She says that developments including new businesses on a business park, a caravan park and a school that has recently opened makes it increasingly dangerous.

Mrs Parry also claims that some workers at Islabikes in Lower Barnes would like to cycle to and from work but are put off by the danger of the road despite being offered a financial incentive.

She says that people who use the road also want to see the pavement made wider.

“This is the main drag into Ludlow for people coming on the A49 from the direction of Leominster and Hereford,” said Mrs Parry.

“Some vehicles are travelling at 70-80mph.

“There are motorway speeds and if someone is walking in the road, cycling or pushing a pram there is nowhere for a car or lorry to go especially if there is a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

She says that Shropshire Council and the police have been contacted in a bid to help get the present 60mph speed limit reduced.

An attempt is also being made to get a sign installed that will flash a message to the drivers of vehicles that are driving too fast.

“At the very least a prominent flashing sign is needed to warn drivers of the danger and to get them to think about safety and reduce their speed.

Mrs Parry believes that concerns about the road could be deterring people staying on the Morris caravan park from coming into the town at night.

She says that this means that money that could be spent in pubs and restaurants in the town, boosting the local economy is being lost.

Statistics show that country roads where vehicles travel at high speeds are amongst the most dangerous.

This is because they are single carriageway with the only option for overtaking being to travel on the same side of the road as vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

There is no lighting and the road will be used by slow moving vehicles such as tractors and other farm traffic as well as cyclists and people who are walking.

Mrs Parry said that it seems that until there are enough accidents and people are killed or seriously injured nothing gets done to make these roads safer.