HOPES by campaigners that a 20mph speed limit would be imposed throughout Ludlow have been dashed.

The idea had the support of Ludlow Town Council but has been quashed by Shropshire Council.

However, the limit will be applied outside schools.

Some opponents had expressed concern about how such a speed limit could be enforced and that failure to do so could bring traffic laws into disrepute.

But the decision will come as a bitter disappointment to the Twenty is Plenty campaign that has been promoting the lower speed limit and has claimed that the initiative had widespread support in Ludlow.

The group says that the limit would make the roads safer as statistics show that a collision with a pedestrian at 20mph is much less likely to cause death or serious injury than at 30mph.

Campaigners also say that it would reduce pollution and noise, make it easier for children to play out and create a safer and more pleasant environment for people living and working in the town.

It is argued by supporters of the limit that because of the stop-start nature of travel in towns, the 20mph speed limit would make little or no difference to journey times.

Andy Boddington, the Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, was in favour of the speed limit.

“Most Shropshire councillors arrived at December’s council meeting by car,” said Mr Boddington.

“It seems that habit has conditioned them to be oblivious to the need to calm our streets. To reduce speeds in residential streets.

“To make them safer. Equally important, to make them more pedestrian friendly. To encourage mutual respect between different ways of travelling.

“The council did agree to introduce 20mph outside schools.

“But most of the Conservatives voted against areawide 20mph limits to slow traffic on residential streets on the instruction of the council leader Peter Nutting.”

Mr Boddington said that another benefit of a 20mph speed limit is that it could encourage more people to cycle or walk so improving health and well-being.

There are other towns in the country where 20mph limits are applied but for the most part they are in force outside school, colleges and places like hospitals.