IT was four in a row for Harriett Baldwin as she was returned to Parliament with a large majority.

There was never any real doubt that Mrs Baldwin would be returned in what is considered a safe Conservative constituency.

On a memorable night for the Conservatives she was swept back to power with an increased majority.

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The real issue was who would come second and if Beverley Nielson, from the Liberal Democrats or Samantha Charles of the Labour party would take that accolade.

Traditionally in West Worcestershire, that includes Tenbury, the Liberal Democrats have been the main challengers but in 2017 it was Labour that came second.

This time it was Ms Nielson who was the nearest challenger to Mrs Baldwin just ahead of Ms Charles for Labour.

Martin Allen for the Green party was fourth.

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It was the first winter election since February 1974 and the first time that people have gone to the polls in a General Election in December since 1923.

A campaign that is usually contested in shorts and summer dresses was this time fought out in winter coats, hats and gloves.

Normally by the time that the result has been declared people leaving the count are met by a morning twilight but this time it was still pitch black as people left the Abbey Hotel in Malvern.

There had been concerns about the impact of the weather on the turnout.

Mrs Baldwin’s campaign was given an early boost with the decision of the Brexit party not to stand in constituencies that had been held by a Conservative MP. It left the Labour party and Liberal Democrats competing for the soft Brexit or Remain vote, a position reflected to the benefit of the Conservatives throughout the country but the size of the victory meant that it was other isses as well.

After backing Jeremy Hunt in the leadership election in the summer Mrs Baldwin was removed from Government by Boris Johnson.