CHRISTMAS brings rich food and too much of it for many people in Ludlow and south Shropshire.

This in turn can bring even more cases of indigestion and acid reflux.

Both are relatively common conditions made even worse by too much food and alcohol.

Be prepared this festive season with a healthy supply of remedies to help relieve indigestion, say health bosses at NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

As the season of goodwill fast approaches, and cupboards are filled in preparation for the big day, health experts are advising people to consider picking up indigestion treatment when they next head to the shops.

With Christmas being one of the main culprits when it comes to overindulging, antacids are a medicine cabinet essential for this time of year, and can be purchased at low cost from pharmacies, supermarkets, the high street, and local stores.

No appointment is necessary when consulting a chemist.

To help residents over the festive period, a top tips guide has been issued across practices and pharmacies in Shropshire to share information about indigestion, including its symptoms, causes and effective treatment.

“The symptoms of indigestion include feeling full or bloated, heartburn, belching, or feeling sick and bringing up food or bitter-tasting fluids,” said Elizabeth Walker, a pharmacist and Head of Medicines Management at Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

“However, despite a surplus of hearty meals, assorted puddings, Christmas tipples and mince pies, there is plenty you can do to ease the symptoms of indigestion rather than heading to see your GP. Visit your local pharmacist for advice on indigestion treatments.

“Almost all of us are likely to experience indigestion from time-to-time, so it is a good idea to have some treatment in your medicine cabinet ready for when indigestion strikes.”