A NEW piece of street art or is it graffiti has appeared in a Ludlow town centre telephone box.

This time it is a drawing of Katherine of Aragon that has appeared in the red kiosk in the town centre.

The image is likely to re-ignite the controversy about the art.

It follows the appearance of a depiction of a young woman in the telephone box that appeared earlier in the year.

There have also been other examples in other parts of the town throughout the summer and autumn.

Ludlow set a precedent when it allowed a mural to be painted on boarding at the top of the town at the end of Tower Street.

To some people the street art is interesting and amusing whilst for others it is just another example of graffiti.

It is not known why Katherine of Aragon has been chosen to brighten up the telephone box.

She is best known as the first wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Mary.

But before marrying Henry VIII she lived in Ludlow as the wife of his older brother Prince Arthur who died in Ludlow before he was able to become King. Prince Arthur is buried in Worcester Cathedral.

Henry VIII was later to claim that the marriage with Katherine had never happen as it was against church law for him to marry his brother’s wife.

This was because he wanted to be able to marry Anne Boelyn.

The debate on street art in Ludlow started in July after the young woman was painted in the telephone box.

When is graffiti a mess to be painted over and when is it art?

This is the debate in Ludlow after an ‘artist’ got busy in the town.

Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow, said that the painting of a young woman in a telephone box in the town centre was rather good.

“It took your eye from the dilapidated front of Bet Fred,” said Mr Gill. “A lot of people think it’s rather fun.”

But not everyone agreed and it was removed.