THERE was a mass demonstration in Ludlow Town Centre as part of a global day of action.

People of all ages and backgrounds converged upon the Market Square to make known their concerns about climate change and global warming.

The peaceful protest included families and was conducted in a serious but good-humoured way.

Marchers set out from Islabikes in Lower Barns and marched into the town picking up people as they went.

People were dressed for winter as the day dawned bright and clear and extremely cold.

It was a marked change after a lengthy period of grey skies and rainfall.

The protest was part of the Global strike for Action initiative.

Staff from Islabikes gave up a day at work and also closed down the company website to take part in the protest.

People visiting the site on Friday had a message that read: ‘We are closed today as many of us will be marching in solidarity with those protesting for action on the climate emergency.’

This was on ‘Black Friday’ and potentially the busiest day of the year for the business that assembles bikes to sell to customers all over the United Kingdom.

The company is led by Isla Rowntree, a former professional cyclist.

Islabikes recently moved from Brimfield to their new premises at Lower Barns.

The company encourages its employees to cycle to and from work as part of the contribution to cutting emissions.

People were marching because they believe the world is facing a global climate emergency.

They say scientists agree the globe has entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown.

Marchers believe that governments around the world are failing to act with the urgency necessary to prevent the impending catastrophe. A single child, Greta Thunberg, has catalysed an international movement of Global Strikes 4 Future calling on governments to act now.