A CALL has been made for Philip Dunne the Conservative candidate for Ludlow to be expelled from the party.

It follows remarks that Mr Dunne allegedly made at an election husting in Church Stretton.

He has been the MP for Ludlow since 2005 and has issued an apology for his remarks saying that he regrets and offence that has been caused.

Mr Dunne is reported to have told his labour opponent that he was “talking through his turban”.

Philip Dunne who is seeking to be returned as MP was speaking during hustings in Church Stretton on Wednesday evening.

Labour candidate Kuldip Sahota said he was “shocked and deeply hurt” by Mr Dunne’s words.

Mr Dunne said he apologised “unreservedly for the offence caused”.

Mr Sahota, former leader of Telford and Wrekin Council, said the remark came after he asked Mr Dunne a question about education funding.

“He said ‘Kuldip, you are talking through your turban’ and there was a sharp intake of breath from those around me,” Mr Sahota is reported to have said.

“I was shocked and deeply hurt that someone who was an MP for 14 years would make such a derogatory comment.

“These are the kind of offensive comments I remember receiving in the 1970s.”

Mr Sahota reportedly said he stood up to say he was offended after Mr Dunne “carried on talking for about 15 minutes,”

“He apologised after that, but I think he should have said sorry straight away without my prompting.

“To insult my turban is to insult my faith.

“This is extremely insulting to the Sikh community.”

The issue came at a very sensitive time following concerns expressed about anti-Semitism in the Labour party and prejudice against Islam in the Conservative party.

Mr Dunne was a minister in the Ministry of Defence and was a Health Minister since 2010 before returning to the back benches. He is a senior Conservative.