REMEMBRANCE in Tenbury was a proud family affair for one well-known Tenbury family.

The annual Remembrance Sunday parade formed up and marched through the town for the laying of wreaths at St Mary’s Church.

This was followed by a service in the church.

Members of the Royal British Legion with their standards led the parade through the town that also included representatives of all three-armed services, the civilian services and members of other uniformed groups including scouts and brownies.

Members of the Tenbury Town Council were also involved, and the salute was taken by Eric Hudson, Mayor of Tenbury on a typical November day.

It was a proud day for many people with family links to the services including veteran councillor Tony Penn and his wife Janet.

Mr Penn, who is 86 this year, was returned unopposed in May as a Conservative member of Malvern Hills District Council representing Tenbury.

One of Tony Penn’s granddaughters, Becky Ritchie, a serving officer in the Royal Logistic Corps paraded and laid a wreath on Tenbury’s Remembrance Day Parade.

Having attended Tenbury’s Primary and High schools she went to Wellbeck, the Defence Sixth Form College almost by chance.

A friend, attending an army Recruiting office, asked Becky to keep her company!

Asked about her own scholastic achievements, and much to Becky’s surprise, it was suggested she was “officer material” and should try for Wellbeck.

This was 12 years ago! She subsequently went on a Commissioning course at Sandhurst.

On the August 10, 2013 she was duly commissioned as an officer.

To add to this memorable occasion, her husband Aaron a serving officer too, who had followed a similar career, paraded and laid a wreath on behalf of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

It was quite an event for Mr Penn, who was laying a wreath on behalf of Malvern Hills District Council.

He had never been to Sandhurst until Becky was commissioned.

However, when doing his National Service, he also managed to gain a commission in the Royal Engineers.

Becky is about to take up a position as an adjutant and two other granddaughters have partners who are serving officers in the army.

The parade itself was well attended with nearly 100 people marching to traditional Remembrance music played by the Tenbury Town Band.

Thirty-three wreaths were laid by members of local organisations and people associated with the town. St Mary’s Church was crammed to capacity for the Remembrance Day Service conducted by the Rev. Mark Inglis, Chaplain of the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

The salute, on the parade’s return after the service, was taken by the Mayor of Tenbury, Eric Hudson.