The Pearl Lake Ukulele Group, who can be seen and heard at Croft Castle on Thursday, November 14, were formed early last year after an annual charity fundraising brainstorm on a Herefordshire holiday park.

Ukulele playing is tops when it comes to current national trends and as the band’s founder Jane Lodge is the first to admit they’re certainly proving popular.

“We are quite simply a retired bunch of eccentric musicians who get a real kick out of performing our foot tapping entertainment both on and off the park.” says Jane.

Glenn Jones, from Pearl Lake Leisure in Shobdon, says he’s massively impressed. “They are excellent ambassadors for our park, and they seem to be bringing a smile to most people faces as they tour the county.”

Earlier this year, Leominster’s Swan Brewery invited PLUG to help launch two new ales celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. To their delight players were paid in beer which resulted in an interesting rendition of George Formby's Leaning on a Lamppost that proved to be a knockout!

“Our trademark is our image,” says Jane, “we delight in wearing colourful, eccentric costumes and keep most of the charity shops in Leominster, Ludlow and Hereford in business. We know we make mistakes, don’t always sing in tune and occasionally get it totally wrong, but we have come a long way since we started 15 months ago.”

Catch PLUG's next gig on November 16 at the first of Croft Castle's 1940s Christmas weekends.