PEOPLE in Ludlow did not let the small matters of an England rugby world cup semi-final against New Zealand or pouring rain deter them from turning out in numbers for the final Repair Café of 2019.

“The weather - and the England Rugby match - didn’t deter either the volunteers or customers from turning up for Ludlow’s Repair Café,” said Diane Lyle, who is behind the initiative.

“Around 30 items were brought to the Rockspring Community Centre, so the repairers and the reception team were kept busy and, indeed, on their toes as there were some unexpected challenges!

“The team of repairers had tackled electric tools, kitchen and household ‘gadgets’, clocks, furniture and some toys over the last two years but this time brought yet more surprises: a seed propagator, an almost-beheaded rocking horse, a remote-controlled car and a Dalek.

“While there were fewer customers than at previous Cafes, the ‘buzz’ of the Repair Cafe lasted the whole morning as did the enthusiasm of the team, and the customers who braved the elements.”

The Repair Café in which old and broken items get the chance of a new lease of life takes place four times a year in January, April, July and October, alternating between the Rockspring Centre and the Mascal Centre.

As well as giving a new lease of life to items that just need a bit of repairing the Repair Cafe also plays a part in protecting the environment by reducing the items that have to be sent to landfill.

It also saves money for people who may be under financial pressure as when a repair is successful there is no need to buy a replacement.

A further benefit is that it helps to retain craft and engineering skills that might be lost in a throwaway society.

Ludlow’ s next Repair Cafe will be on Saturday, January 25, at the Ludlow Mascall Centre. Contact Diane Lyle 07786 620624 or email