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The Revd Kelvin Price, himself a former soldier said that the Church takes remembrance seriously.

‘Mrs Hughes was informed she can have a poppy display, however, it needed to be located in the church porch which is the official town war memorial. We also have a remembrance display within the Lady Chapel, which is also be a suitable place to lay a special wreath during this period.

As with all other wreaths within the church we ask that they are removed after two weeks. This is often the allocated time used across public places, especially ones like St Laurence’s that are used frequently throughout the year by a wide variety of groups, and have other seasonal events.

Our church is totally committed to honouring those that have given their lives for our nation. Remembrance is a season that is taken extremely seriously by our church regarding those that died, and also those still living that suffer from their experiences of wartime conflict. Along with this, as I hope you can imagine, having been a member of the Royal Green Jacket/Rifles Regiment before being ordained this is something that I personally believe is extremely important to us as a town and nation.’