A PLAN to build eight new homes in Ludlow is expected to be rejected.

In March, a new proposal was submitted to build eight homes of modern design in the grounds of Linney House. Now Shropshire Council’s planning officers have said the plans contravene planning policy and are likely to be refused.

A letter sent to the site developer eight days ago is a lengthy 14 pages. But the message it conveys is clear, according to Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

The environmental damage and harm to the Ludlow Conservation Area from the proposed scheme would be unacceptable. At most, three houses can be accommodated on the site and there is already permission for this. Shropshire Council is likely to reject the current application to increase the number of houses to eight.

“The planners’ letter does not mark the end of this seven-year attempt to build in woodland in the garden of the Grade II listed Linney House,” he said. The developer must decide whether to withdraw the current application or press ahead regardless.

“If the plans are turned down, he might appeal to the planning inspectorate.

“He would also be within his rights to go to planning inspectorate for a decision. Or he might opt to build the scheme for three large houses approved in 2014 and 2017.”