AS Extinction Rebellion protesters return to Ludlow from London, where they took part in two weeks of activities a petition has been launched to get Shropshire Council to take its commitment to act against climate change more seriously.

In May, Shropshire Council agreed to follow the lead of councils around the country and declare a climate emergency.

But the council leader would not allow councillors to set a deadline for the council or the county becoming carbon neutral.

The result was a declaration of a climate emergency without any sense of emergency, according to Andy Boddington

A petition from Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth published on the council website calls on the council to achieve net carbon zero emissions from the council’s activities by 2030.

“It is vital that the council achieves carbon neutrality by 2030,” said Mr Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

He said it will also send a message to businesses to take the issue seriously in their future planning.

“I urge everyone to sign this petition.

“If it gains 1,000 signatures in the next few weeks, it will be debated in the council chamber on Thursday, December 12.”