THE Ludlow Repair Café is back.

It’s only two years ago since Ludlow held its first Repair Café – and since then the event has just kept on growing. Each Café sees more items brought through its doors and there is always one surprise for the repairers to tackle, be it a toy, a transistor radio, a bicycle or a ripped tent!

Diane Lyle, who started Ludlow’s Repair Café, is delighted at its success.

“Because no café is ever the same as the previous one, each event is kind of like the first one – and we never know what will appear on the day,” she said.

“What doesn’t change, ever, is the enthusiasm of the repairers and the ‘front-of-house’ team.”

The ethos of every repair café, wherever it happens, is that any item which goes back home again repaired and with an extended ‘life’ means adding to landfill has been avoided. But more than that, skills are shared between the repairers and the owners – and the idea of repairing rather than throwing away has been either introduced or reinforced.

Ludlow’s Repair Cafés have already settled into an established routine with four cafés per year on the last Saturday of October, January, April and July, always between 10am and 12.30pm. The venues alternate between Rockspring Community Centre and the Ludlow Mascall Centre.

The autumn café is at Rockspring.

Each item which goes back home again with an extended ‘life’ means adding to landfill has been avoided – and means owners leave with a smile!

“So come along on 26th with anything which is broken or not working properly and the fantastic team of volunteers will do their best to fix it – and you can wish the Ludlow Repair Café a happy second birthday at the same time,” added Ms Lyle.

The repair cafe will be at the Rockspring Centre on Saturday, October 26, between 10am and 12.30pm.

For more information contact Diane Lyle: 07786 620 624 / email: