LUDLOW Mayor Tim Gill has mixed feelings about incidents of graffiti that have been increasingly appearing around the town.

The issues also open up the debate about what is the distinction between graffiti and high-quality street art.

Mr Gill also says that no matter how good the artwork might be it is wrong when it is be done without permission.

Earlier this year Mr Gill was impressed with some art which showed a young woman inside a telephone box in Ludlow town centre.

The Mayor says that there is a difference of opinion amongst residents in the town with some seeing all of the ‘art’ as acts of vandalism whilst others can see some merit.

“I have mixed feelings over what is appearing and where it is appearing,” said Mr Gill.

“The face, from what looks like a sprayed stencil on the side of the physio’s building, in Old Street is ugly and without merit, adding nothing.

“On the other hand, the black fish that have been sprayed on the new fish pass by the Bread Walk is quite striking but was perhaps a fool hardy enterprise in getting down there and executing it.

“However, it was done without permission and this is one of the aspects that concerns me.”

Mr Gill says that he would like to see a space in the town where artists can showcase their talents.

“I would have liked to have seen the phone box used as a place where local artists could have used it as a canvass. perhaps changing it every six weeks or so,” he said.

“However, I am aware that some town centre residents were very opposed to this, seeing it as little more than a form of vandalism though I was not one of them.

“Used that way we could have some control over what was happening.”

Street art in Ludlow featured with a community mural in the town centre that was widely applauded and depicted aspects of the life and history of Ludlow.

It was prepared by various artists from around town.