A GROUP of environmental activists demonstrated in Ludlow town centre before setting off for London.

Members of Extinction Rebellion packed their bags ready to set off for London, where protests have been taking place.

The Ludlow and Leominster branch of Extinction Rebellion gathered in Ludlow’s historic Market Square to show their solidarity with their fellow members.

A ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ was read and an explanation of why the protesters say such action is necessary was given.

“The Declaration is an expression of solidarity with the many people who will be protesting in London: like us, these people are Rebels,” said Jane Cullen from the group.

“People of every age, background and occupation are all committed to tackling this Climate Emergency which threatens us all.

“The Rebellion calls on the government to take three steps: firstly, to work with other institutions to communicate the truth about the emergency we all face.

“Secondly, the government should act immediately to halt biodiversity loss and reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.

“Thirdly the government must create and be led by Citizens’ Assembly to find the best ways forward for climate and ecological justice.

“You already know the Amazon Forest is on fire that Arctic ice is melting, that common species are becoming extinct. The Climate Emergency is here, there, everywhere.”

“Look out for Extinction Rebellion – XR for short – and their distinctive hourglass symbol and join in: Your Planet needs you.”

Extinction Rebellion is an international group that first came to prominence in this country earlier this year with protests in London that included disruption of transport.

This has been repeated in the latest round of protests that have included a man gluing himself to the roof of an aircraft at London City Airport.