LUDLOW Town Council will be meeting at the end of October to consider an application for grant funding from the Assembly Rooms in the town.

There has been a special session set aside so that the Assembly Rooms can make a bid for a grant from the Town Council.

The arts facility is the largest beneficiary of grant funding from the Council, and it is believed that it will be asking for additional support this year.

The Assembly Rooms is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and no date has been set for when it will be fully reopened.

Like others similar facilities it is heavily dependent on grant aid and the support of volunteers.

Funding from the Town Council is important both in itself and because it can also be used to leverage other support from funders that will only put in money on a matched funding basis.

The Assembly Rooms is also home to the Ludlow Visitor Information centre that is moving back onto the ground floor at the front of the building as part of the improvements.

Earlier this year the number two at Ludlow Assembly Rooms, Wesley Bone, moved to Tenbury to become manager at the Regal following the departure of Ady Ramsell.